R A U M W U N D E R (R O O M W O N D E R)
A consensual house squat with the help of the word "art"

Houses that are to be demolished and replaced by new ones are often empty for a long time, between the extract of the last inhabitants and the really demolition due to construction delays. Due to the applicable rental law, its not possible to rent them temporarily in this intermediate phase. They can only be inhabited as "art project", because in this case individual agreements are possible.

The first realization of my living and art concept with artist colleagues, citizens and refugees needs and creats very own pictures. Always three shots, of important moments, of the living rooms and of the exhibited art works, I assemble into one tableau.

Free living art apartment
shows all 34 photomontages, 9 as a storyboard and all the others in the photo book, which lies on a provided seat base. The here seated book recipients are integrated into the picture and at the same time wooed as potential imitators or multipliers: for the dissemination of this social sculpture , born of housing shortage

Photo installation
Storyboard (3 x 3 picture boxes, each 22 x 63 cm, pigment print, Hahnemühle Photo Rag, pine wood) / Seat base (pine plywood 1,20 x 40 x 40 cm) with photobook (22 x 31.5 cm EXP.edition Verlag, 74 pages, softcover, first edition 200, © 2018)