Skulptur für die Aufsicht
Sculpture for the Supervisory Staff
2013, diverse booths (dimensions, features and number variable)
selected exhibits,
1 umpire’s chair, 1 ear defender, 1 hand-observer

The “Sculpture for the Supervisory Staff“ brings supervisory staff, artworks and visitors together in a new form. The performative installation consits of a row
of exhibition booths each for one supervisor and one or two exhibits. It is individually designed for every new exhibition space. Each supervisor, after consulting with the artist, chooses one exhibit from the portfolio of the artist, which is then exhibited in the booth that has been furnished by the artist to meet the individual needs concerning color and seating of the staff. Relocated from the original work place the supervisors work in this personal booth, explicitly permitted to use their working hours individually, to do their own work during the supervisory activity and to futher develop the “Sculpture for the Supervisory Staff“. To shield themselves from addresses or noises supervisors and exhibition visitors are allowed to wear ear defenders, and for mutual supervision a "hand observer" and a umpire's chair are available.

Exhibition view "u m g e s e t z t"
Sculpture for the Supervisory Staff 1
Städtische Galerie im Kornhaus Kirchheim Teck
17.03. - 28.04.2013