Auftrag London 05 video
Order London 05
videoinstallation, 2005
video 13:00 min,sound, business documents

In my function as a flower pourer of a company taking care of the greening of offices, I undertake a business trip. With the written order for the care of a plant in London I get on an airplane, a coach and the underground and return, after accomplishing my mission, on the same day.

Dear Mrs. Geiger-Gerlach

Concerning your offer plant “care as an once-action“ we would like to confirm with this letter the order to maintain and water our plant, a Ficus, on the 11th of January, 2005.

We can pay the invoice amount of 2,49 Euro on site.

Yours sincerely
Tom Herre

Invoice for the maintenance as an once-action
1 Ficus Benjamina maintenance amount due 2,49 Euro
Thank you very much for your order

Mrs. Martina Geiger-Gerlach will receive the amount on site

Yours sincerely,
Joachim Reiffer