Stricken für den guten Zweck
(Tröstliches Arbeiten an der Decke für die Welt)
Knitting for a good cause
(Comforting work on a blanket for the world)

Participatory installation (work in progress), start 2012
Knitting circle set: black blanket 6 x 6 m, wool, knitting needles, patchwork blanket, string, foam padding
KNITTING FOR A GOOD CAUSE offers the equipment for joint productive contemplation about the scope of our own actions. The modernized version of a traditional activity invites you to compensate your wants with wool. In this way, the blanket for the world, comforting and warming, is being handcrafted by a global-collective. Once these needs are satisfied, the blanket for the world, a product of leftover wool, industriousness, discussions and deliberations, is packed up together with the entire equipment in the knitting circle set and then sent on to the next knitting location, where the deliberations, discussions and knitting is continued. As a multifunctional sculpture it is common property that can be borrowed at any time for a good cause. The knitting circle set can be booked worldwide if required.

Cordial invitation to KNIT squares.

Tröstliches Arbeiten an der Decke für die Welt
Comforting work on a blanket for the world
C-Print 200 x 80 cm auf Hahnemühlepapier