Martina Geiger‑Gerlach

John’s stuff

John's Stuff

A homeless man named John is invited to live in the artist community »Institute for Social Research«. After two weeks he is suddenly gone. His left-behind things serve as my sculpture until he wants them back. By notes left on a street light, he stays informed about the current exhibition location of his stuff.

Installation | 2007
approx. 2 m × 2 m
Sculpture (Tent , skis , clothes , plush monkey)
Photo Series (C-Prints, 40 × 27 cm)
Work in Progress
John’s stuff John’s stuff John’s stuff
Exhibition venues up to now:
2015 | ›Gästezimmer delux‹ | Konschthaus Beim Engel | Luxemburg
2008 | ›ISR – and the discovery of Artgod‹ * | Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart | Germany
2008 | ›ISR – and the discovery of Artgod‹ * | Richmond Art Center, California | USA