Martina Geiger‑Gerlach


performen@kunstmuseen | perform@artmuseums

The free franchise invites asylum seekers and art institutions to make use of the law and their own possibilities to organise more work opportunities, inspiring public lounges and new possibilities to cooperation, nationwide. A brochure explains the concept and the procedure, franchisees receive the necessary equipment as digital files.

The Concept:
Brochure | 2016
28 Pages | 1st Edition 1000 | 2nd Edition 1000

The Equipment:
Digital Files | 2016
Form „Requirements profile“ | Poster text | Blank signature list | Advertising (Brochure, Business card as sample, Newspaper advertisement)| Optional: Photo wallpaper for a Franchise Performance Module (4 parts, each 4.0 m x 4.0 m x 2.4 m)

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performen@kunstmuseen performen@kunstmuseen